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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

So recently in a deliverance session, a thought occurred to me...

"So here I am, a mere human being, going up against this ancient spirit that has been around since the time before Adam. This thing has probably never been expelled in a situation like this. Yea...if as many people have demons in them as I think they do...chances are the majority of demons have never been expelled. How long have Christian exorcisms been going on? Just under 2,000 years about? This thing is genuinely acting confused, like it doesn't really know what to do right now. Wow. Well anyways..."

I abhor demons. Let me make that very clear before I get into this. I hate them. I detest them. I hope God pours the pain and suffering they cause on others back into their laps 10 times over. That being said, I have journeyed to the place in my walk with God where I can maintain composure when expelling them and even show a healthy level of respect for their role in all of this. They are the bad guys, we are the good guys. They lost the war, we won the war (entirely thanks to God and God alone) 2,000 years ago. These battles we have now are issues of enforcement, not determinations of who will win. I don't fight demons to try and win. I fight demons because Jesus won and I make sure the demons know that, admit it, and then vacate the premises. There isn't much of a need to yell at them or twist the knife any deeper. They know who kicked who out of Heaven and who still sits on the throne.

This specific demon in the session I referenced above calls itself "Meanness" and at first I thought that was a pretty stupid name. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that meanness is pretty much the antithesis of kindness. Kindness should be growing on the branches of a Christian tree (see Galatians) and meanness shouldn't be anywhere in sight. I guess "Meanness" is a good thing to call yourself if you hate God, His people, and want to thwart somebody's testimony.

At one point in the 2 hour and 50 minute session, I saw the demon overlaid on the individual I was ministering to. It looked like Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars. What stood out the most was the military officers uniform it wore with medals and awards. This was a high ranking demon, 2nd in command of this individual's demonic hierarchical structure. That's when I started to see that this was a very successful demon. Very old, very successful, and very upset about being kicked out. He did not want to leave and made sure I was aware of that fact. One time he even asked me where he was supposed to go? I was kicking someone out of their home and they had nowhere else to go for shelter in a snow storm.

Eventually Meanness left, just before the 3 hour mark. I can testify to the kindness that filled the individual and we are still praying that Meanness doesn't find a way back in. That would be super annoying.

Bottom line:

It doesn't matter how powerful, rooted, or crafty a demon is. If a desperate person wants freedom, God can deliver them. A 3 hour exorcism isn't that long when you consider the bigger picture. God is good.

Posted by Blake Stark.

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