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Occult Recovery

If you or your ancestors have ever had any involvement with the occult, we recommend you undergo our Occult Recovery Program.

Survey & Repentance

We have a vast catalog of occult practices we ask you to go through and mark anything you or your ancestors have been involved with. We ask you to repent of this involvement on behalf of yourself and your ancestors as far back as necessary.


Renounce & Denounce

After step 1, you can move on to renouncing all involvement and also denouncing all involvement. This is a very powerful step that eliminates any wiggle room for the demons that may want to stay around.


Curse Breaking

We will go through and systematically help you break every curse on yourself or your family bloodline. The deliverance process will sometimes begin here, as breaking a curse can remove the connection a demon has with you.



We will follow our normal deliverance process and address any issues as they arise.

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