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I grew up expecting interactions with demonic spirits...


   "I grew up expecting interactions with demonic spirits. Sometimes they kept me up at night and/or caused reoccurring nightmares. It got to the point where I was afraid to look in the mirror for the fear of what I might see. I told Blake Stark who told me he had similar experiences and one day I stayed at his house overnight. I told him I didn't want to have to live through my life continuously having this issue. We prayed about it and five years down the road, still I have not had an issue since."

I was talking with a girl at my church...


   "I was talking with a girl at my church who was struggling with her self-image and eating disorders. We prayed together for a long time and she felt better afterward. She felt more positive about herself and at peace with eating food that day. I noticed later that afternoon that I had started having negative thoughts about myself and feeling fat. It was not something aggressive or sudden, it was more like sneaky thoughts creeping up that I had thought were my own. I met with Blake that night after telling him how I was feeling. I told him I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way all of a sudden. Blake asked me questions and discerned that of course this was something more spiritual than just negative thoughts. He told me that the girl I was praying with that morning had a demon attached to her causing her to feel like that and as soon as I prayed for that demon to go away…it tried to attach its self to me. I remember thinking that maybe it was a demon and I had made it angry but I did not have much experience with recognizing spiritual warfare and I got scared. Blake, who does have experience with spiritual warfare, was able to calm me down. He started praying for me and commanding the demon to go away in the name of Jesus.

   At first, I felt foolish, like there was no way there could actually be anything there. Blake almost knew what I was thinking and could confidently tell me there was a demon and I needed to command it to go away.​

   Then I felt overwhelmingly scared, as if the demon was no longer trying to hide. Blake stayed with me and continued to pray and encourage me.​

   The moment I realized with confidence that there was a demon was the moment I physically felt claws digging into my back. It hurt so much I fell off the chair I was sitting in. He continued to pray. I felt the claws release and I immediately did not have those negative thoughts in my head. I felt the presence leave the room."

I used to be addicted to smoking...


   “I used to be addicted to smoking cigarettes. Smoking and other substances were my self-medication to avoid my problems.  I have long since repented and have not turned back in years. Sometimes I still felt the temptations though. Blake had told me he had been thinking about it for a few days and wanted to pray for me. As we started praying, my car alarm went off for no reason. After that, both of our phones were ringing with notifications. Anything to distract us. Then I saw a bright burning flash of light out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over at it, I saw that it was on my bible. Blake started commanding the spirit that made my car alarm go off to manifest and I couldn’t keep my eyes open or my head up anymore.

   Blake commanded several spirits of drugs, addiction and self-medicating to leave. I felt them leave. I was coughing and yawning a lot. Then he started to command the spirit of avoiding problems to leave. My head instantly started to hurt and where Blake’s hand was on me it felt like it was burning. I got lightheaded and could barely keep my eyes open. I felt very angry at Blake and wanted him to stop, but I knew that was the demon’s feelings of anger instead of my own.

   Eventually the spirit of avoiding problems left in a coughing fit. I didn’t even know that these demons were there. I thought my repentance and changed lifestyle would have made them leave years ago. I thank God for this deliverance and freedom.”

The prayer time I had with Blake wasn't a planned session...


   "The prayer time I had with Blake wasn't a planned session, it was a spur of the moment thing that happened after a conversation we had about spiritual warfare. For the first few minutes of prayer I was feeling like this was NEVER going to work. I had many negative thoughts such as: God doesn't want me, I don't deserve to even ask for freedom, that this whole thing was silly and I had the urge to laugh...but after being able to focus on Blake's prayer and believe in that moment that maybe just maybe God does love me and want me free I felt some freedom. It  was rather sudden after prayer for about 20 minutes... it is hard to put into words exactly what I felt, but it was a sensation of "feeling lighter" like a small weight had been taken off of me. At the same exact time both Blake and I let out a big exhale (like a sigh of relief) I said "I feel like something left" and Blake said "Absolutely, something definitely left, I could feel it too" I was shocked and relieved that I felt something leave and it gave me hope that maybe someday I can be completely free. Our prayer time was unfortunately cut short, but I'm praying for more freedom in our next session."

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