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Our Process:

   Deliverance Solutions, Inc. is committed to ensuring best practices in deliverance ministry. Our methodology is built on the foundation of scripture and the examples found therein. We are thankful for the contributions that David Appleby, Derek Prince, Jon George, Above and Beyond Christian Counseling, and The Roman Catholic Church have made to the Body of Christ in regards to deliverance. We are thankful they've shared their real world experiences and testimonies.


   This methodology has been designed with variability in mind, as each deliverance encounter is unique in its own way. While guidelines below are highly effective, we acknowledge that they may not always be applicable in every situation. We remain open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and if necessary, we are willing to deviate from this methodology entirely and allow Him to work in miraculous ways, as has been the case in the past.

How It Works:

  1. As part of our pre-deliverance protocol, we assess whether the individual seeking deliverance has been born again. If they have been born again, we proceed with the deliverance process. If not, the individual must receive this spiritual rebirth before proceeding.

  2. We lead the individual receiving deliverance in a prayer of protection and we don the Armor of God.

  3. The individual receiving deliverance repents of all unconfessed sin and asks the Holy Spirit to bring any unknown or forgotten sins to mind so they can be confessed.

  4. The individual receiving deliverance forgives everyone. As a prerequisite for receiving deliverance, the individual must demonstrate a willingness to forgive others. We recognize the importance of forgiveness in the healing process and, as such, we cannot proceed if the individual harbors any unforgiveness in their heart. In the event that an individual refuses to forgive, we are unable to proceed with the deliverance process.

  5. The individual receiving deliverance renounces and denounces all involvement with the demons they are being delivered from.

  6. We help the individual receiving deliverance close any open doors and sever any ungodly soul ties. We will also use this time to break any curses.

  7. One of us will take charge of the session and sit facing the individual receiving deliverance. Taking their hands and looking into their eyes, we command the ruling demonic authority to surface.

  8. When the ruling demonic authority surfaces, we issue a command in the name of Jesus Christ, directing it to acknowledge that our boss kicked it's boss out of Heaven.

  9. When the ruling demonic authority agrees with that fact, we use that authority to continue the process.

  10. We issue a command in the name of Jesus Christ, directing it to tell us it's name.

  11. When the ruling demonic authority tells us it's name, we issue a command in the name of Jesus Christ, directing it to tell us the names of all the demons beneath it in order of authority.

  12. When we have the list of demons, we start at the top and remove them one at a time by commanding them to leave. As soon as one leaves, we move on to the next, lesser demon.

  13. When the last demon has left, we do a basic "mop up" job to remove any stragglers or anyone hiding.

  14. The individual receiving deliverance will be prepared with resources and tools to prevent the demons from returning.

  15. We close with prayer and praise to God.

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